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About… Consulting has a single goal
to help ordinary people do extraordinary things

We are a family led group of businesses covering the financial, education and professional sectors with a single purpose – to help ordinary people do extraordinary things. We provide training, consulting, coaching and technical services.


Financial Services colleagues from firms of all sizes trust our team at ‘About…Financial’ to give them the support they need when getting a little outside help is the best option.

Whether it’s designing and delivering training that engages as much as it educates, writing/editing documents and textbook materials, or consulting and providing technical guidance on major projects, there’s nothing we enjoy more than rolling up our sleeves and getting stuck in.



‘About..Leadership’ recognises an important truth – that a job title doesn’t make a great leader. Far too often people find themselves promoted into leadership roles because they were good at the role that came before it… of course, they might also be great leaders, but they won’t become great simply by changing their job title.

We bridge this gap by providing training and guidance for managers at all levels. From a first leadership role, through middle-management, to C-suite appointments we’ve got you covered.


‘About…Safeguarding’ supports all those who work with vulnerable adults and children.  The training we offer comes from accredited trainers with real-life experiences.  We offer Safer Recruitment and a range of Safeguarding training as well as bespoke personalised training packages for any sized organisation. We live our aim of ‘helping ordinary people do extraordinary things’. We deliver bespoke safeguarding training to help ordinary people achieve the extraordinary by stopping abuse, protecting vulnerable people and standing up to abusers.

Let’s fight abuse together!

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At ‘About…Education’ we are all passionately committed to education.  We all have a background in the education sector, and we’re driven to deliver the best outcomes for school improvement so that all children have access to high-quality education.

Not all children have everything handed to them on a plate; in many cases, every success will be hard-fought and well won. We work with schools to develop leaders at all levels, to create an environment in which all children can be given the best possible start in life.


Successful coaching is all about identifying exactly what it is you want to achieve in life and then making it happen. This can entail anything from simply helping you recognise the options open to you, to working with you in developing a comprehensive plan including timescales, resources and actions. It’s about giving you support specifically tailored to suit your needs.

‘About…Coaching’ does more than standard coaching. Our unique approach is built on many years experience in psychology coaching and Business Project Management, delivering results time and time again.

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Diversity and inclusion are rightly at the top of the agenda for most responsible businesses. Whilst many are doing great work in race and LGBTQ+ inclusion, there’s a big hole – neurodiversity.  Neurodiverse talent can significantly enhance the way businesses operate, bringing in talent with the power to look at things differently and often key skills so desperately needed by modern organisations.

At ‘About…Neurodiversity’, we work with businesses to help them recognise these benefits and then recruit, train, and keep neurodiverse talent.

At About... we are about people... we help ordinary people do extra ordinary things.

We really would love to hear from you, whether you are interested in knowing more about us, want to join us or if you’d simply like to have a chat.  Please use the form to the right to get in touch and we promise to respond within 24hrs (usually sooner).

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