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About… Consulting has a single goal
to help ordinary people do extraordinary things

We are a family led group of businesses covering the financial, education and professional sectors with a single purpose – to help ordinary people do extraordinary things. We provide training, consulting, coaching and technical services.


Financial Services colleagues from firms of all sizes trust our team at ‘About…Financial’ to give them the support they need when getting a little outside help is the best option.

Whether it’s designing and delivering training that engages as much as it educates, writing/editing documents and textbook materials, or consulting and providing technical guidance on major projects, there’s nothing we enjoy more than rolling up our sleeves and getting stuck in.

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About...Peak Performance

‘About…Peak Performance’ helps companies, teams, and individuals to achieve more. How do we do that? Good question… In a nutshell, we help them to change their stories.

We know that each person’s experience is built on stories – both the ones they tell themselves and the ones other people tell them. The human brain, for all it’s complexity, will believe whatever story it is told consistently. Unfortunately people often spend a lot of time telling themselves and others the wrong stories… We help change that.


‘About…Safeguarding’ supports all those who work with vulnerable adults and children.  Not only do we offer safeguarding and safer recruitment training from accredited trainers with real-life experiences, we also offer safeguarding audits, governor support, supervision and independent investigation officers.

We live by our aim of ‘helping ordinary people do extraordinary things’. We deliver bespoke safeguarding services to help ordinary people achieve the extraordinary by stopping abuse, protecting vulnerable people and standing up to abusers.

Let’s fight abuse together!

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Diversity and inclusion are rightly at the top of the agenda for most responsible businesses. Whilst many are doing great work in race and LGBTQ+ inclusion, there’s a big hole – neurodiversity.  Neurodiverse talent can significantly enhance the way businesses operate, bringing in talent with the power to look at things differently and often key skills so desperately needed by modern organisations.

At ‘About…Neurodiversity’, we work with businesses to help them recognise these benefits and then recruit, train, and keep neurodiverse talent.

At About... we are about people... we help ordinary people do extra ordinary things.

We really would love to hear from you, whether you are interested in knowing more about us, want to join us or if you’d simply like to have a chat.  Please use the form to the right to get in touch and we promise to respond within 24hrs (usually sooner).

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